u”SINCE EARLY ERADICATECORRUPTION(On school breaks)Nur : That was not difficult math test? Ithink hard.Salma : Yes. Deuteronomy math difficult.What do you think Han?Han : Yes. Quite difficult.Dhea : But friends, as long as we learndefinitely easy. You agree? But,I was tooconfused to do it.Nur : But fortunately I was sitting inthe back. So, can cheat.Han

Buat naskah drama bahasa inggris 6 orang, 1 orang minimal 5 percakapan

Pertanyaan :

Buat naskah drama bahasa inggris 6 orang, 1 orang minimal 5 percakapan

Jawaban :

(On school breaks)
Nur : That was not difficult math test? I
think hard.
Salma : Yes. Deuteronomy math difficult.
What do you think Han?
Han : Yes. Quite difficult.
Dhea : But friends, as long as we learn
definitely easy. You agree? But,I was too
confused to do it.
Nur : But fortunately I was sitting in
the back. So, can cheat.
Han : Yore cheating?
Nur : Yes, I am.
Salma : Me too. Ive been cheating the
formula in the book that I hide in the
Dhea : Wah wah wah. Not good!.
(Agung and Kholid come and intends to
join in the conversation)
Agung : Can we join the discussion?
Kholid : Yeah, can not?
Dhea : Yes allowed.
Agung : You are what discussion?
Han : Its, time math test last Nur and
Salma cheating.
Kholid : Cheat? I and the Agung was also
Han : What? So who did not cheat just
me and Dhea?
Dhea : My goodness. No! Friends
cheating that included corruption!
Nur : How come?
Agung : Weird!!
Kholid : Funny!!
Dhea : Oh My God… So long as you do
not know this? Hanifah, please explain!
Han : Huhh. So whose name was not
just corrupt officials who take the rights of
the people. There are little things that we
often do and maybe it2019s corruption.
Dhea : Like cheating, skipping school, buy
food at the canteen does not pay, or
dishonest acts of others.
Agung : So far I often corrupt …!
Salma : Me too!
Nur : Me too!
Kholid : Me too!
Agung : Ouch. We feel guilty ..!
Han : Yes. So let us accustom ourselves
early on not to commit corruption.
Dhea : Yeah. So if we have been
accustomed from an early age is not
corruption, our country will progress!
Kholid : O.K! From now on we will be
honest in all things.
Agung : Agreed! Fight Corruption!
All/semua : Agree !!!!!!!!!!!
(The bell already rang)
Dhea: Well the bell has sounded friends!
Lets go to class ..!
, Untuk dekorasi latar, itu tergantung kreativitas kalian. Jika perlu, panggil beberapa teman untuk menjadi operator panggung karena drama ini membutuhkan pergantian latar yang cukup sering dan rumit., Narrator : Once upon a time, in a place deep inside the forest, there were a green giant named Buto Ijo and two sacred hermits. They were best friends. One day, the hermit came to the grotto to see his best friends., Hermit 1t: There you are, my best friend, what are you doing?, Buto Ijot: Eating., Hermit 1t: Oh2026 no wonder. What are you eating?, Hermit 2t: Oh my God!! It2019s not ordinary cucumber seeds! It2019s a magic one. If you plant it on the ground, it will grow a big golden cucumber and there will be a baby inside it! That2019s my greatest invention and you ate it like dust??, Hermit 1t:Easy, easy, my friend. There will be other inventions greater than this one.,

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