u”Onschoolbreaks)Nur:That wasnotdifficultmathtest?I thinkhard.Salma:Yes.Deuteronomymathdifficult.What doyou think Han?Han:Yes.Quitedifficult.Dhea:But friends,as long aswelearndefinitelyeasy.Youagree?But,Iwastooconfusedto do it.Nur:ButfortunatelyIwas sittingin theback.So,cancheat.Han:Yorecheating?Nur:Yes, I am.Salma:Me too.Ive beencheatingthe formulain thebookthatIhidein thedrawer.Dhea:Wahwahwah.Notgood!.(AgungandKholidcomeandintendstojoinin theconversation)Agung:Can wejointhe discussion?Kholid:Yeah,cannot?Dhea:Yesallowed.Agung:Youarewhatdiscussion?Han:Its,timemathtestlastNurandSalmacheating.Kholid:Cheat?Iandthe Agungwasalsocheating.Han:What?Sowhodid not cheatjustmeandDhea?Dhea:Mygoodness.No!Friendscheatingthatincludedcorruption!Nur:Howcome?Agung:Weird!!Kholid:Funny!!Dhea:Oh My God…Solong asyoudo notknowthis?Hanifah,pleaseexplain!Han:Huhh.Sowhose namewasnotjustcorruptofficialswhotake therights ofthe people.There arelittle thingsthatwe oftendoand maybeit2019scorruption.Dhea:Likecheating,skippingschool,buyfoodat thecanteendoes notpay,ordishonestactsofothers.Agung:SofarIoftencorrupt…!Salma:Me too!Nur:Me too!Kholid:Me too!Agung:Ouch.Wefeelguilty..!Han:Yes.Soletusaccustomourselvesearly onnot to commitcorruption.Dhea:Yeah.So ifwe have beenaccustomedfrom an early ageis notcorruption,our countrywillprogress!Kholid:O.K!From now

Buat naskah drama bahasa inggris 6 orang, 1 orang minimal 5 percakapan

Pertanyaan :

Buat naskah drama bahasa inggris 6 orang, 1 orang minimal 5 percakapan

Jawaban :

Nur:That wasnotdifficultmathtest?I thinkhard.
Salma:Yes.Deuteronomymathdifficult.What doyou think Han?
Dhea:But friends,as long aswelearndefinitelyeasy.Youagree?But,Iwastooconfusedto do it.
Nur:ButfortunatelyIwas sittingin theback.So,cancheat.
Nur:Yes, I am.
Salma:Me too.Ive beencheatingthe formulain thebookthatIhidein thedrawer.
(AgungandKholidcomeandintendstojoinin theconversation)
Agung:Can wejointhe discussion?
Kholid:Cheat?Iandthe Agungwasalsocheating.
Han:What?Sowhodid not cheatjustmeandDhea?
Dhea:Oh My God…Solong asyoudo notknowthis?Hanifah,pleaseexplain!
Han:Huhh.Sowhose namewasnotjustcorruptofficialswhotake therights ofthe people.There arelittle thingsthatwe oftendoand maybeit2019scorruption.
Dhea:Likecheating,skippingschool,buyfoodat thecanteendoes notpay,ordishonestactsofothers.
Salma:Me too!
Nur:Me too!
Kholid:Me too!
Han:Yes.Soletusaccustomourselvesearly onnot to commitcorruption.
Dhea:Yeah.So ifwe have beenaccustomedfrom an early ageis notcorruption,our countrywillprogress!
Kholid:O.K!From now onwewill behonestinallthings.
(The bellalreadyrang)
Dhea:Wellthe bellhassoundedfriends!Letsgo to class..!
Drama Scripts, A number of Siwa away from the classroom to home ., Jony and Johan then return home each neighbor where they were massive . hafis not strong enough to withstand the urge to urinate urinate then her school yard where there is a large tree ., Johan : Jon I pee first ok , already dying nih !, “Jony : Fine . Hurry hurry . Ill be late home nyampe !”, Johan : Ok , not long really., Kemduian Jony saw something under a large tree near the yard ., Jony : What is it ? I think not valuables ? !, Not long after Johan followed Jony !, Johan : What is it ? Wallet . Siapaemang wallet ? Where did you meet ? When did you meet ? Lest ye not right ya ? !, Jony : ah you silly . Nanya Are you really dong . I find any of this wallet , is ready for its owners do not know yet my people go ., Johan : Yes already opened Hurry !, Jony : Yes deh !, Jony and Johan : Wow .. Many most his money !, Jony : There are identity cards !, Johan : Bener , looks like ya wallet ID card owner ., Jony : Home deket why ya man , balikin yuk !, “Johan : Why should our people must also dibalikin find any . ve Deh , mending aja tuh us for money .”, Jony : No way ah , sin tau ., Johan : Yes jatuhin tuh tell him who the wallet, “Jony : If you are forced , yes already lets us for two .”, Then they both go home . After 2 hours later Johan invited to play home Jony Jony play ., “Johan : Jony , Jony lets go play !”, Nia : Uh we Johan ! Please log in ! Jony again told her mother used to work on a new pr should play !, Johan : Ok sis , Thanks ., Nia : Johan to drink? Sister to back !, Johan : No need kak , do not have ., Nia : Do not be so dong Han . Come to drink?, Johan : Potluck aja lah kak !, Nia : Wait a minute yes,

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